Sometimes, it is needed to stop a workflow while executing it, because some information has been forgotten to add or something like that. It could also be that there has been created an endless loop which was not wanted, and therefore you need to stop the execution. To do so, right-click the running workflow (Workflows - Running) and select Stop execution, with that the workflow stops executing right where it is.

With that, it is now visible in the Finished tab, where it is also displayed at which percentage the workflow has been stopped. 


Workflows are not deleted after execution but all are stored. This results in a lot of executions which are stored. For that reason, you might want to delete workflows. This can be done with right-clicking the execution and choosing Delete execution.

The deleted execution is still stored in the basket tab (). If you accidentally deleted an execution, it can be restored there as well. With deleting it in the basket tab, it can't be restored anymore. 


If the execution of a workflow has finished the execution will be archived in the Finish tab. The executions can be viewed there at any time. Over the time lots of executions are stored especially of workflows who run regularly. In this case you might need to delete executions from time to time, otherwise, it is quite complex to find anything in it. 

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