Sometimes it happens, that the completion of a task is forgotten, for that reasons you can use the escalations. With these escalations, you can jump to every part of the process, which means you re-navigate the process. This can be used to resend a task if completing the task has been forgotten. Or if the task has not been completed until a specific time, you can send the task to someone else. 

Configure an Escalation (Timer Event) 

The escalation can be configured by setting up an event. Open the Quad Menu of the task and choose Edit Event. There are again different kinds of events. The most common event for these escalations is the timer event, therefore we use this as an example. To know how to use the other events, have a look on the topic Configure a Start Event

Now select the occasion to start the escalation with. Mostly you will probably need an Interval of several days. When finished with the selection, click OK to confirm.

Now a symbol has been added to the task element.

Click and hold the symbol and drag it to a start point of an element, with releasing the mouse a new line is created. That means if the task has not been completed until the specified time, the process continues the way you configured before by drawing the line. In this example, the task will be sent again after 3 days.

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