• Define additional selection values based on a previous selection to make it easier for the task user to select the required values.
  • Restrict available entries within a selection control based on other form values, to make it easier for the workflow user to pick the correct entry.
  • Display only relevant data in selections, to easier, find the relevant one.

Cascading lookups can be configured for the following form controls:

  • Table
  • Radio buttons
  • Combo box
  • List box

Previous behavior: 

  • Input is a business entity
    • there is either a selection (activity Select BusinessEntity) in the workflow (all selected business entity items are available)
    • or there is no selection in the workflow (all business entity items are available
    • or the item is a sub-item (all business entity items matching the relation are available)
  • Input are static entries (all static entries are displayed)
  • Technical detail: ItemData is stored within the task (it is not resolved at runtime)

Now it is possible to define conditions as a filter of the displayed data. Those conditions include 3 parts, have a look at the screenshot. The left part is for the columns or fields (business entity field). Whereas the right part is either for a static or business entity link value (can also be an output of a different form field). In the middle, it can be decided how those two values can be compared (e.g. "equals"). 


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