A list of all available services is provided at the address http://<ServerName>:<FireStartWebServicePort>/PesWS.asmx. For authentication username, password and domain are passed as arguments in the service call.

Start a Process

In the following part, you can see an example of how you can start a workflow using a soap web service. The different used methods are: BeginTransaction, SetTransactionParameter, SendTransactionStartEvent.

# Create a proxy for the Paging web service

$page = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $currentUri


# Begin Transaction: returns TransactionID

if ($messaging) {

    $transactionID = $page.BeginTransaction($processID)

} else {

    $transactionID = $page.BeginTransaction($EventElementID)







$page.SetTransactionParameter($transactionID,"Endzeit","31.10.2014 10:00:00")

$page.SetTransactionParameter($transactionID,"Beschreibung","Meine Beschreibung")


# StartTransaction(TransactionID)

$executionID = $page.SendTransactionStartEvent($transactionID,$domain,$username,$password)


Raise an Intermediate Event

An intermediate event is raised in the same way as a workflow is started, except instead of the SendTransactionStartEvent method the SendTransactionIntermediateEvent method is used.

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