A list of all available services is provided via Swagger at the address https://<ServerName>:<ServerPort>/api/swaggerFireStart uses NTLM for authentication between the server and the client.

Start a Process

  • ProcessId: An obsolete parameter, pass Guid.Empty as value.
  • ElementId: The element id can be found in the event configuration dialog of a start element. It always refers to a single start element.
  • Parameters: With this parameter values can be passed to the workflow. The parameter consists of an array of key-value pairs. The key is the name of the BusinessEntity-/WorkflowVariableField and the value is the value of the field (e.g. {“FieldA”: “ValueA”, “FieldB”: “ValueB”}).
  • Source: The source tells the workflow where the event is coming from.

In the following picture, the ElementId and some Parameters are displayed. Only those parameters of the selected business entity (Workflow Variables) are available, as you can see in the picture (BoolField, TextField, NumberField).

Raise an Intermediate Event

  • EventElementId: The event element id is identical to the element id in the start process service, except it refers to an event and not a start element.
  • ProcessId: The process id can be found in the workflow variables, in the system field EXECUTION_ID.
  • Parameter/Source: These parameters are identical to their equivalent in the start process service.

The ProcessId (EXECUTION_ID), can always be found in the Workflow Variables after the execution, as you can see in the screenshot below.

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