Call Rest Webservice

With this activity, REST web services can be used. Url segments are wrapped with curly brackets as can be seen in the screenshot. Query parameters can also be used. Basic and NTLM are available for authentication. Additional headers can be defined and a body for example for a POST call is also available.

Call Webservice

With this activity, external web services can be called. Supported formats are HTTP and SOAP1.1. The WSDL file supports version 1.1.

After entering the URL to the web service, the WSDL description provided there can be loaded. This lists the methods available on the web service. If one of these methods is selected, the parameters are displayed under Target, in the lower part of the wizard. If no input parameters are required, this part remains empty.

In the Output tab, the return values can be mapped to workflow variables and business entity links.


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