This element allows you to display a self-contained process on your process map, which can then be connected, grouped together, assigned roles and linked with documents. Links to other process maps and processes are possible as well.

Arrow Down
Management processes like project management, communications management or risk and crisis management can be integrated into the process map with the Arrow Down element. Documents can be attached and roles can be assigned here.

Arrow Up
Click the Arrow Up element when you want to insert support elements such as IT service management, quality assurance or service & support into the process map. 

Arrow Right/Left
They have no special meaning, they are simply for a better clarity of the process map, they can be used as the user wishes. They can be used to structure the process map or to clarify something which would not be clear otherwise.

To integrate property items like office holdings or customers into your process map, use the Rectangle element. This element also allows you to add roles and documents.


The elements on the canvas can be grouped within the group element. Just place it on the canvas, resize it so that it fits for all elements you want to group and then click the Attach All icon in the right top corner of the group element.


To get a better understanding of process maps you might want to color the elements in a specific color. If the element is selected you can change the color of the element in the Property Pane. But not just that, the element size can also be modified to your needs. In addition to that, the group elements can be customized with color and size as well. 

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