The Quad Menu can be opened by right-clicking the canvas or an element. You will find an overview of the menu items that can also be found in the menu bar. Other than that also element specific items are shown. The quad menu changes the menu items depending on each element and reduces the need for you to search in the menu bar.

The Quad Menu is divided into sections, which are Actions, Add, View and Modify. The active items in these areas change accordingly to suit the symbol and sketching area properties. When moving the cursor in one of the areas, all the other areas are grayed out and therefore inactive. 


Alternatively, select one of the general actions which are Save, Print, Delete, Copy, Cut or Paste by clicking on the equally named menu items in the menu bar. Other actions are Send Notification and Usage Overview. With Send Notification you can send messages to other users via FireStart. So they basically receive a normal notification but not sent from the system as most of them but from another user. The Usage Overview is also accessible from the Ribbon.


The Quad Menu from the process model itself contains other features as those from elements. In the Quad Menu from the canvas, most of the standard elements are shown. But the Quad Menu from an element looks a bit different, especially in the Add section. There you have the possibility to add other models, so you can connect models. For further information have a look on topic Assign References to Tasks.


Clicking Zoom Out and Zoom In changes the size of the canvas. With a click on Zoom 100% the zoom level will be set back to the original size. Clicking Fit To Grid or Fit Selected To Grid changes your model according to the grid scale on the canvas.


In the Modify section, you can change the properties or attachments of the selected element. For example, in a task, you can design the task form. Users who are assigned to that task receive the task as designed before.

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