Model Repository

Quick Search
The Quick Search helps you to find models in the repository. By writing a few letters, all models which fit those letters will be displayed. This selection will be active until the letters are deleted from the Quick Search.

Group By
If you want your models displayed in a specific group then you can make some changes to how they will be displayed. It is possible to group the models by name or the person who created it, etc. If you do not want the models grouped anymore, on top of the offers is Default which returns it to its original display. 

Collapse/Expand All
This functionality allows you to collapse or expand all scopes. When collapsing, only the scopes are visible but you can expand a specific scope and all models of this scope will be shown. Of course, it is also possible to collapse every single scope when needed, to do so you simply click on the scope itself. Depending on the state of the scope (collapsed or expanded) it will do the contrary. When collapsing or expanding, the sub-scopes will also be expanded or collapsed.

Export to Excel/CSV
This enables you to export the model details to an excel or CSV file. 

Model Details
If you want further information about a model but don't want to open it, the model details will give you the wanted information. With one click on the  -icon, the Model R
epository will expand to the right with more information about the model

The Model Repository has 3 tabs on top of the Model Repository. The Models tab contains all the models which are currently available, the Archive tab contains all models which have been archived by a user, and the tab with the recycle bin contains all deleted models.

Sort By
The models can also be sorted. The sort criteria can be chosen when going to the model details and clicking on one of the column captions. With the first click, they are sorted ascending, clicking again changes the sorting to descending.

Element Repository

The navigation here is quite similar to the one in the Model Repository - you can quickly search for activities, or the expand and collapse buttons. The only difference is, that you expand and collapse the element sections with the elements. There are also quick action buttons:

Connection All
With Connect All, you change all line proposals into connections. This means you have all the elements connected after executing the action. 
Auto Layout
With Auto Layout, you format the whole process. Most of the time it is being shifted to the left side of the canvas.

Property Pane

The same goes for the quick search and the expand and collapse button in the Property Pane. These are also the same as in the Model Repository, however, they differ in the things they search or collapse/expand.

Group By
This is quite the same as the group by in the Model Repository with the difference that you can't choose how it is grouped. It is either default or grouped by the alphabet. 

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