Nowadays, everything should be in multiple languages for everyone to understand. Especially with processes, which might be modeled in a language different from the language the process will be presented in. Therefore you might think you have to model the process twice or only in the language for the presentation. In FireStart you don't have to do any of that, but you model the process in the language the modeler understands and then simply use the process in the wanted language for presentation. 

You can switch between every language, provided that the translation for the specific element is deposited. First, check if the Multilanguage Feature is enabled in the View tab. 

Then choose the languages you want to display the process in. For that go to the Menu and Preferences under Extensions you will find a Languages tab. There you can add and remove languages as you wish.

Back to the process, the chosen languages will be now displayed in the Property Pane from the opened process model. Now go on and model your process in any of the languages. Please note that the wanted language must be selected in the Property Pane

After finishing the process model now we have to add the translations. The easiest way to do that is the Translation Table in the View tab.

Choose the languages you want to add the translation and enter the translated words. 

On the left side, the elements are displayed, so that you know which element exactly you are translating.

After you finished the translation, you can now switch between the languages and the process will be displayed in the chosen language.

Or you can also switch between the languages and translate directly the elements by double-clicking the names. 

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