With links, you can connect process models or other models to an element. To do so, navigate to the specified process map, and click on the process element you want to link with a process model. With a click on the small arrow, a wizard opens. This wizard can be reached over the Quad Menu as well (right-click the element and click on Select linked model). Now choose whether you want to link a process overview or a process model. To see all processes select the process icon in the left top corner.


Select the process to link an click Finish. After that, the small arrow was replaced by the process icon. With a click on the process icon, you navigate to the linked process model.

After linking a process or another process map the name of the element will automatically change to the name of the linked model. This is now the default name of the element. If you don't want that you can simply rename the element in the Property Pane of the element. After renaming the element you decide that the given name was fine after all, you just have to delete the name from the property and the given name will be displayed again as it is the default.

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