Open the Documents designer from the navigation pane.

Create a new document model by clicking New Model from the ribbon menu Main. In the property pane, give the model a name, or you name the model in the Save dialog when saving the document model the first time.

Rename in properties:

Rename in save dialog:

Drag & drop a document element from the element repository onto the canvas to add a new document. You can rename the document (“Undefined”) by double-clicking the document element. You also have the possibility to generate a group as described in the role designer. 

Click Save from the ribbon menu Main. In the save-dialog select a scope (or create a new one) and click Save.

Link Document to a Document Element

Real documents can be linked to document elements, e.g. Word documents, PDFs, etc.  To link a real document simply right-click the document element to open the Quad-Menu and select Select document.
You can now select a file or enter an URL to the file location.

After linking a document to a document element, the icon of the element will be colored black so that you know that there is a real document lying behind the element.

Documents need to be in a location where other users also have access to.

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