Login to FireStart Support

Click here in order to navigate to the Support Portal.

You can either create a new account or sign in with an existing Microsoft Account. To see tickets, you already created by sending emails to, you just need to use an account with the same email address you sent the emails from.

Login with a Microsoft Account

If you already have a Microsoft Account with this email address you can just use the Sign in with Microsoft button and log in with that account.

Create a new Account

Alternatively, you can create a new account by clicking Sign up and fill in your name and email address. 

You will get a verification email on the supplied email address. 

If you follow the verification link, you get prompted to choose a password for your new account.

After choosing your password you will get logged in automatically.

Using the FireStart Support Portal

Ticket overview

On the start page you can see, filter and order all your tickets. If you only see a blank page, click your name on the top right corner and choose My activities.

Tickets are grouped into three categories:

  • request you submitted
  • requests, where you are cc'd and 
  • requests someone else in your organization created

For multiple accounts to be in the same organization they must have the same domain name ( and are in the same organization, is not). If you don’t have the organization request category, your organization is configured to only allow users to see their own tickets.

If you wish to enable or disable organization request or add multiple domain names to your organization please create a new ticket for us to resolve this.

Working with tickets

To create a new ticket you can click the Submit a request button in the header.

To view or answer to a ticket, just click it in the ticket overview on the home page. On the right-hand side, you can see data like the Priority or which agent is assigned to your ticket. You can submit new messages regarding the ticket directly over the web interface.

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