FireStart provides the functionality to translate models into different languages. There are plenty of languages to choose from, even Klingon is available.

First, you need to add the languages you want to translate. This makes them available for the models. Go to the Menu Preferences, under Extensions you can find the Languages tab. Already added languages are displayed there.  

To add a language you first need to choose a language from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page. After selecting the language you want, click the plus symbol right next to the chosen language.

To remove a language from already added languages, you just have to select the language you want to remove and click the Remove button at the bottom of the page.

Back at the models, all added languages are now displayed in the properties of all models. 


If there are no such flags shown you might have to activate the Multilanguage Feature in the View tab under the section Translate.

The one with the little star (English in this case) is the default language, whereas the checkmark shows that the model has already been translated to this language. By clicking one of the languages, the model is displayed in the specific language. 

Information Hint!
Please note, that the model is displayed in the default language if there exists no translation of the selected language. That means if you select a language and the model is displayed in the default language, then the problem might be that the model hasn't been translated into this language yet.

To translate a model you have 3 ways. First is to simply choose the language from the properties and double-click the name of the element you want to modify and reenter the translated text. The next one is to let FireStart do the translation by clicking the Quick Translate button in the View tab in section Translate. But with this option, it is recommended to recheck the translation because there probably are some translation mistakes. The third and probably the best way to translate is over the Translation Table in the View tab under the Translate section.


Choose the languages you want to add the translation and enter the translated words. 

On the left side, the elements are displayed, so that you know which element exactly you are translating.

After you finished the translation, you can now switch between the languages and the process will be displayed in the chosen language.