But what if, the process owner is not available and the process is not working so it requires troubleshooting? No one except for the process owner gets the Activity Failed Tasks, so how can the process be fixed? The answer to the question is a Substitution Plan.

The Substitution Plan provides the functionality to enter a user as a substitution for a specific span of time, which means within that span the assigned user gets all the tasks assigned to the substituted user and therefore the Activity Failed Tasks as well. 


Please note, that the process owner can still see the tasks assigned to the substitution user during the substitution plan. The process owner can see all tasks of his processes in the Supervisor tab from the Tasks Designer, does not matter to whom the task is assigned.

Create a Substitution Plan

Navigate to the Preferences by clicking Menu -> Preferences at the left top corner. In the section Substitution Plans click Add substitution rule.

In the opened dialog the substituted user and the user who substitutes have to be selected. Besides the date of substitution, the reason for substitution can be selected and whether the finished tasks should be redeployed to the substitution user as soon as the rule is applied or not.

Click OK to save the rule and from the entered Start date on, Rusty Ryan (substitution user) receives all the tasks from Danny Ocean (substituted user - process owner) until the entered End date.

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