If you have trouble with using the FireStart client or there is something you absolutely like about FireStart, then please send us feedback. Especially when something is not quite understanding, or you have any other problems, then the best thing is to send us feedback so that we can work on it and improve it. 

It is very simple to send feedback, you can do this from anywhere in the FireStart client. But the best thing would be if you do it from the site where the problem or the good thing is because when sending feedback there is always a screenshot attached from the site you are sending the feedback from. Then click on the -symbol on top of the FireStart client (header), which is a few symbols to the right of the X-symbol which closes the client. A new wizard opens to enter your feedback. There are a subject, a comment, and an optional email address. The email address is for us to get in contact with you if there are any questions about your feedback. If you filled out all the important information, then click Send Feedback to send it. 

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