If there are lots of models stored in the model repository and it is not quite lucid anymore, then you might want to re-arrange the models and move them between scopes. This is quite easy to do, simply go to the Menu - Scope Explorer. A new window opens where you can re-arrange your scopes in every designer. On top is shown the path where you currently are. Below the path are the symbols of the designers, where you can choose which scopes you would like to re-arrange. The scopes are displayed on the left side of the window whereas the models of a selected scope are shown on the right side. In addition to that, the version of a model is displayed as well. 

You can add and remove scopes at any time and as much as you would like. To add a scope right-click a scope and select Add. Please note that the scope will be added as a child scope. So if you want a scope on the same level you have to add a scope in the parent scope.

Removing a scope is a bit easier, you just have to select the scope you want to delete, right click it and choose Delete.

After creating the scopes you need for the rearrangement, you can now move the scopes into those scopes. Just select the model you want to move, drag and drop it into a scope displayed left and the model is stored there from now on. The marked model in the picture below shows how easy it is to move models. 

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