Sometimes it is needed or helpful to use a process in another process. So, this process can be called from several processes and therefore, possible changes must only be done in one process instead of several. For this and some other reasons, a process link is quite helpful.

In the following introduction, it is talked about process A and process B. Process A is meant that it uses process B. Let's assume process A is a process which plans events. Whereas process B is for travel expense reports. The participating events also need to plan how to get to those events, and for that reason, process B is needed in process A. 

There are 2 ways to link processes. First is to use the process link element, and the second way is to link the process over an end event. But both ways require that the start event from process B needs to be configured as an internal event. For more information on how to do that, have a look on topic Configure a Start Event

Process Link Element

Drag and drop the element on the position the process B should be integrated. Right-click it and choose Select linked model.

All linkable models will show up in the dialog.

The models, having a correclty configured Start Event are marked by the symbol . Select one of them, afterwards select the Process link configuration. There, the start point in the linked model must be selected. Click Finish to close the dialog or Next, if you want to hand over values to the linked process. The -symbol will be displayed right next to the link element, and by clicking it you navigate to the linked model. 

Information On an Asynchronous call, the called process will be started and the caller will continue. On a Synchronous call, the called process will be started and the caller will wait until the called process has been finished.

End Event

Right-click the End event and choose Select linked model.

 In the opened dialog all linkable models are displayed. Choose one of them and click Finish 

Now there is a small -symbol shown next to the end event. This means that a model is linked to this end event. By clicking the symbol you get to the linked model. 

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