For often used images like a logo which you use for all of your forms, it is quite complicated to upload that image every time it is used. Therefore you can store images directly in FireStart in the image library, where it is much more convenient to include the image from there.

The library can be found in the Menu - Preferences under Extensions. In the last tab, the Image Library is displayed. If there already has been uploaded images they are displayed here. To add a new one, click the Add button at the bottom of the window. An Open-File-Dialog opens and you simply navigate to the directory you stored all your images.

With clicking Open there might be a Warning displayed that the selected image is too large and it asks if you want to proceed anyway. When choosing Yes the Warning closes and the image is now added to the library. 

If you want to add a description to the image or if you want to rename it, simply select it and now you have all the properties shown in the right panel. After changing the information about the image, don't forget to save all your changes by clicking Commit changes

The image can be removed easily by selecting the image and clicking Remove at the bottom of the FireStart client. 

This is an example of the image library what it looks like with the FireStart logo stored in it:

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