In FireStart it is possible to export a model in Word. In the Import/Export section of the Publish tab, there is also a button for the Word export. 

The Word export itself is quite simple. You just have to select the models you want to export on the left side and then enable or disable the information you want to export or not. 

Under General, basic information about the model will be exported like the description of the model. In the Elements section, you can choose which elements should be exported with detailed information. With Miscellaneous additional information can be exported for example the Scopes of the models are listed. The section References enables you to select which referenced models should be displayed. 

In the Role Filter, you can enter the full or only a part of the name of a role and only those elements which have this role assigned are displayed. 

With Template you can choose a Word template, by default there is only one but you can create your own Word template. For further information on how to create your own Word template please have a look at the topics Keywords for Word templates and the topic Customizing.


If no path is entered the Word Document opens when clicking OK, which means it is not saved anywhere by then, but it still can be saved directly in the Save As dialog in Word.

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