The link to the FireStart task is not displayed correctly when using the Outlook via the web app. 


To solve this problem you have to modify the MailPortal.html which you can find in this directory <installdir>\PROLOGICS Resources\Portals. In the opened MailPortal.html line 136 (<li>FIRESTART_TASK_URL</li>now have to be replaced with this line <li><a href="FIRESTART_TASK_URL">FIRESTART_TASK_URL</a></li>. The link will be displayed correctly after this modification and a restart of the server. 

You can adapt the MailPortal.html according to your needs at any time, the file won't be overwritten by FireStart. Only the MailPortal - Template.html will be overwritten. The file MailPortal - HowTo.html contains information about which parameters are adaptable.

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