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With Quick Search, you can easily search for models in the Model Repository. As soon as there is a letter typed in, only matching models will be left on display.

The refresh button is the same as pressing the key F5 on the keyboard. It refreshes the content of the Process Portal. Especially when publishing a model which is not visible instantly, you simply need to click the refresh button and it will be displayed afterward. 

This is important for the modules, depending on the module, you can set filters for different things. For example, the filter of a task is not only a filter but also displays past tasks so it basically works like an archive. Most of the modules like Processes, Roles, Documents,... have the option to show approved models only. 

Placed in the header of the Process Portal there is the name of the user currently logged in. By clicking the name a pop up is displayed, with the email address of the user. This also enables to change the logged in user. 

A model is open and you can't find a way to "close" that model and get back to the dashboard, well for that simply use the home icon. By clicking the home icon the dashboard is displayed again. 

This is, as the name already suggests, for the notifications sent to the currently logged in user. If there is a new notification a small icon will be displayed which shows how many new notifications you received. 

In the settings, the language and widgets can be configured. But not just that, you are also able to change the designer color or whether the references of a model should be displayed. Notes and element numbers could be shown or hidden as well. 

Last but not least the info icon displays information about the support time and a link to the Prologics IT GmbH website. It also provides details about the current version. 

The Process Portal also allows switching views of the displayed model. The currently displayed view is to be found in the left bottom corner of the model. By clicking the symbol the bar opens where you can find all the available views, you switch the view by clicking on one of the icons. 

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