Navigation Pane
In the navigation pane, you can choose the type of the model you want to display. The tasks and workflow execution can also be displayed provided that they have been published. As you can see this is quite similar to the modules in FireStart with the difference, that you cannot create new models or modify them. 

Besides the name, there is also displayed with whom you are currently logged in. You have settings and notification there, but of course, there is an information button as well. For further information about the header icons please visit topic Navigation

The Dashboard is basically an overview about models you own or models you are a part of, e.g. role models where you are a member. There is also displayed a list of models you opened lately. So you have all the relevant information on the first site when logging in to the Process Portal

Model Repository
This is exactly the same as in FireStart, with one difference, because only the published models will be shown and not all of the models. Please note that you only view the models of the chosen module. 

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