An update of the FireStart Server can be done by following the steps below:

  • Stop FireStart
  • Take a snapshot of the VM
  • Backup DB
  • Start new setup
  • Click through the setup process
  • Start FireStart
  • Be patient, if there are any updates to the DB, this might take some time. 

After the server setup has been installed, the installer for the Outlook Add-In and for the FireStart Client can be found on the FireStart Server under %installdir%\PROLOGICS Resources\Downloads.
To update the Outlook Add-In, uninstall the previous version and install the new version. The version of the Outlook Add-In should always be identical to the version of the FireStart Server. See also Outlook Add-In

Since FireStart version 4.20, the FireStart Client will be updated automatically, also on major version updates. Earlier FireStart versions support automatic updates of minor versions. 

When using a SyncAdapter in your system, it is required that the version of the SyncAdapter and the version of the FireStart Server are the same. The SyncAdapter is included in the setup of the FireStart Server which means, the same setup program can be executed on the host, the SyncAdapter is installed (most probably a Sharepoint host). During the setup, select only the SyncAdapter.

If the RemoteEventReceiver is running on the same host as the FireStart Server, it will be updated automatically with the server. If it is running on a remote IIS, please follow the section "Deploy RemoteEventReceiver" at Installation on a remote IIS to update it. To update the RemoteEventReceiver on Azure, please follow the "Deployment on Azure" section at Installation on Azure.

We strongly recommend that you run a test server in addition to, and in alignment with, your production server. Before you release a new update in production, it best to first test the update using a test server. In order to test the update properly and ensure it runs smoothly, be sure that the test environment contains production-like data. After updating the test environment, check your processes and workflows using data and scenarios similar to those in the production server. A test server is included with FireStart Client.

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