Configuration of the Filestream Feature in FireStart

As storing a huge number of files in a database might needs a high amount of resources, FireStart has unlinked the file storage from the main database storage. So a less performant SQL Server can be used for the Filestram storage. The usage of the Filestream storage is obligatory.

FireStart configuration:

Parameter Description

  • Source: Name of the SQL Server instance
  • Catalog: Name of the database which manages the files. Has to differ from the one used for FireStart. 
  • FileStream-Path: Is the path where the files should be dropped by the SQL Server. It must refer to a local disk because network locations are NOT supported by the SQL Server. 
  • SQL Authentication: Determines whether SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication should be used. We strongly recommend to only use Windows Authentication.

Activation of the Microsoft SQL FileStream Functionality for Document Management in FireStart

Activation on the level of the SQL Server instance

For that, you first need to open the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Then select SQL Server Services and choose the SQL Server instance you want to activate the FileStreams on. Right-click the Server instance and select Properties, and under FILESTREAM you now configure it as follows (the name is without relevance):


Since Windows 10 the SQL Server Configuration Manager has been included in Computer Management. 

Establish FileStream-Access Level 

This can be done in 2 ways, which will be explained as follows:

  • Execute a SQL Query, which contains those 2 lines
    • EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2
  • Or over the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio where you navigate to the SQL Server instance\Properties\Advanced\FileStream Access Level and set Full access enabled

Information For FileStreams to work correctly, you need to the FireStart server can access the SQL Server via TCP ports 139 and 445.

FileStream DB with SQL Cluster

If you use an SQL Cluster, the FileStream Feature has to be activated on every single node in the SQL Configuration Manager. The FileStream directory needs to be installed on a shared disk. 

For further information, please have a look at the Microsoft Documentation.

Move File DB

There are several possibilities to move the File DB, to learn about them please have a look at Microsoft.

Probably the easiest one is doing a backup and restore:

  • Stop the FireStart Server
  • Backup the FireStartFileDB
  • Restore FireStartFileDB with the new path under Files/FILESTREAM Data and tick the WITH_REPLACE checkbox.

  • Replace the old path with the new one in the Configuration Wizard.

  • Start the FireStart Server again.

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