The Process Portal is a web client where you can access processes, workflows,... at any time and from anywhere. Basically, the structure is quite similar to FireStart. On the left side you can choose the designer and after that, the scopes you are allowed to see are displayed. On the homepage is some information displayed about your FireStart interaction such as your roles, your completed tasks your new tasks, etc.
If you are despairing because you cannot find the process model you are searching for, it probably means that the model you want to display is not published, therefore it does not exist in the Process Portal. So don't forget to publish all models you want to have access to over the Process Portal, because only those will be displayed there. 
A process can be started over the Process Portal as well. To do that, you need to model your process and publish it afterward. Then it is visible in the Startable Processes menu where you simply choose the process and start it.

There are several parameters which can be set in the init.json file to configure the Process Portal. This file can be found in path C:\Program Files\PROLOGICS\PROLOGICS Process Portal. For more information on the parameters for the init.json file click here.

The Process Portal can not be accessed anonymously, but an AD user is required.

For more detailed information, please have a look at the tutorial Invoice Verification, especially the topic FireStart Process Portal. If you want to know more about the Process Portal in general, like the navigation etc. then visit the project Process Portal.

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