In the following chapters, the installation of FireStart will be explained. As an example environment one virtual machine (VM) is used:

  • On this VM ("VM-PFS") the FireStart Server and the FireStart Process Portal will be installed (for the installation of the process portal the Internet Information Service (IIS) is required).

The server must be a member of an Active Directory domain. FireStart requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 (see system requirements).
The installation has to be conducted as an administrator of the server. Also for daily operation, FireStart needs to run with local admin rights.

For the installation the following Active Directory users and groups are expected:

  1. User DEVadmin (local administrator conducting the installation on both VMs)
  2. User PFSservice (local administrator on VM-PFS (recommended), user for the FireStart service, owns a mailbox for the task deployment via email. DB-Owner of the FireStart database, member of the FSadmins group)
  3. User PSAservice (local administrator on VM-SP (recommended), User for the Sync Adapter service, SharePoint site collection admin, for additional SharePoint permission see chapter 7)
  4. Group FSadmins (global security group for users administrating FireStart)
  5. User FSadmin as a member of the group FSadmins

Using Windows Authentication

If you want to use Windows Authentication in FireStart you need to ensure, that Windows Authentication is installed for IIS. You can either install the feature via the ServerManager or the ConfigWizard.

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