To guarantee high availability of the FireStart Server a second server can be configured as a backup (SQL high availability is required). This has no consequences on licensing.
The configuration of the second server has to be identical to the first server. The ports also have to be the same because in case the first server shuts down the second server can take over.


Cold Standby: Only one FireStart service connected to the database can be running and a monitor to watch the server has to be available (via script or tools)!
If VM1 which runs FireStart is not available the monitor can start the FireStart service on VM2.
Existing DNS entries of VM1 have to be replaced by entries of VM2!
This way server 1 can be replaced by server 2 and because of the average startup time of the FireStart service, an availability of 99.5% can be reached.

To test and make sure the configuration is correct and everything is in working order a failure scenario should be simulated before moving to the production environment!

When updating or upgrading the primary server, also the second server must be updated or upgraded to the same version!

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