The registry needs an entry, where it is noted how the RemoteEventReceiver can be reached. 

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Prologics\Ports\RemoteEventReceiverHTTPS = 443
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Prologics\FDI\RemoteEventReceiverUrl = <RemoteEventReceiver URL> (= URL where the RemoteEventReceiver is hosted, e.g. <server-url> for a local installation or <> for an Azure installation)

Remote Event Receiver

The FireStart server has to be reachable from the RemoteEventReceiver, to the configured FireStart Service port (Default 443).

It is now possible to specify the credentials used by the remote event receiver to call the FireStart server. To use specific credentials you need to set those in the Configuration Wizard under RemoteEventReceiver (see Local Installation for more details). 

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