This topic contains some additional information to the short introduction of the Architecture in the Installation topic. 

PFS - Prologics FireStart Server

The FireStart Server is purely for modeling with data access on an SQL database, as well as on the Active Directory. The database connection is provided from the server, as it is configured during the installation. For the possibility to send tasks to a specific user, they have to be assigned to a role. The user itself comes from the Active Directory, so therefore the server needs a connection to the Active Directory.
The Server consists of 3 components which are the Workflow Engine, the Task Deployment, and the Data Connection. 

Workflow Engine

As the name suggests, the Workflow Engine is for the execution of workflows. It enables that the Activities can be loaded and executed in the workflow. 

Data Connection

As mentioned above the server is responsible for the database connection. Various adapters (SharePoint, OleDb, ODBC, CRM,...)  enable the data exchange with third-party systems. In addition to that, it allows event handling if the third-party systems support events.

PTD - Prologics Task Dispatcher

The Task Dispatcher is responsible for Task Deployment. It is used for the distribution of tasks to different portals. Get more information about it in section Portals.

PSA - Prologics Sync Adapter

It is possible to use the FireStart Client in combination with a third-party system, for example, SharePoint. For that reason, the FireStart Client needs to communicate with SharePoint, and this is the purpose of the Sync Adapter. The Sync Adapter enables the reading and writing in third-party systems, where the FireStart adapter cannot directly access data.

PPP - Prologics Process Portal

This is also a part of the installation of the FireStart Server because the Process Portal enables that you can publish workflows, and access them over the Internet. But not just that, you can also start a workflow from the Process Portal whenever and wherever you want to. For further information please have a look at the Process Portal topic. 


For the installation of the Process Portal, the Internet Information Service (IIS) is required.

PPS - Prologics Power Sync

The Prologics Power Sync is responsible for the direct communication between FireStart and a Sync Adapter. Basically, the Power Sync is the direct link from FireStart to the Sync Adapter currently needed, so the Power Sync reads from and writes to the specific Sync Adapter (for example SharePoint Sync Adapter).


With portal is meant a third-party system to receive tasks which are sent from the FireStart Client. By default, the task is only shown in the Task Designer (FireStart Client), so it is your turn to configure the task activity and assign a role. In the role definition itself, you select portal bindings. Just then will the assigned role receive the task for example via e-mail. 
Currently, we have two portals where tasks can be shown, managed and stored. The mentioned portals are SharePoint and Outlook. With the Outlook Add-In, it is also possible to receive the task with the same looks as in the FireStart Client. Normally the e-mail contains a link and with that link, you reach the task, which is a little bit more difficult than the Add-In.

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