There are two possibilities to deploy the FireStart Client. Both these possibilities will be explained as follows.

Installation of FireStart Client

The client can be downloaded here. After the installation of the FireStart Client, you will find the static part of the client in the chosen program folder (typically: C:\Program Files\PROLOGICS\PROLOGICS FireStart Client). During the connection between client and server, the dynamic part of the client is going to be collated with the server and dropped to %localappdata%\PROLOGICS\PROLOGICS FireStart Client. No data will be copied if there is no data found to be collated. 

FireStart Client as portable Version

The FireStart Client is also provided as a portable version. As the name already suggests, this version does not need to be installed. To use the portable version you simply have to copy the content of the Client Update folder to the Client folder. 

Paths of the directory on the server (provided that you didn't change the path when you installed the FireStart Server):

  • C:\Program Files\PROLOGICS\PROLOGICS FireStart Client
  • C:\Program Files\PROLOGICS\PROLOGICS Resources\Client Update
The created folder can now be passed on. The client can be started directly from that folder. 

The comparison with the server takes place nonetheless. The files will not be dropped under %localappdata% but local in the folder. As the files are identical with those from the server, there is nothing left to be copied.

This version is often used for Citrix environments or if there are local installation restrictions.


With this method, the auto-update can be circumvented. But after the server is updated you have to take care of updating the portable version folder yourself. 

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