The SharePoint Online Adapter/Remote Event Receiver is needed to get information about changes on watched SharePoint elements.


The RemoteEventReceiver will receive events from SharePoint and prepares them for further usage. Afterward, the RemoteEventReceiver sends the prepared events to the FireStart server. The RemoteEventReceiver can either be hosted locally on the FireStart server or for example in Azure. Azure supports SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise. 


In SharePoint, the RemoteEventReceiver is being registered on every list. If there is an event fired, for example, a list entry has been created, SharePoint sends the event to the RemoteEventReceiver.

FireStart Server

The SharePoint Online adapter is integrated into the FireStart server. If there is a new mapping created, the RemoteEventReceiver is registered to the SharePoint list. 

When the FireStart server receives an event from the RemoteEventReceiver, the server checks whether the event should further be processed or not. 

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