Currently, FireStart only supports one search provider at a time and there is currently no way to map users from one search provider to another. As such, if you change the authentication mechanism and the search provider on an already running system, all of your currently used user references will become unresolved.

The result would be that ...

  • User Permissions
  • Model Owner / Model Responsible / Workflow Responsible
  • WF User in Charge
  • User Extension Fields
  • Role Memberships
  • Task Assignments
  • Substitutions

... are resolved to unknown users and would need to be changed to users in the new authentication/search method. 

To rectify this you’d need to change the FirestartIdentity objects in the database to link correctly (Provider & ExternalIdentifier) to the new authentication system. Or, alternatively, change all references to the FirestartIdentity to new objects.

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