Since version 3.50 FireStart needs a valid SSL certificate for the communication between FireStart Server and Process Portal as well as between FireStart Server and FireStart Client.

If you do not provide one the configuration wizard will give you the option to create a self-signed certificate. This process will be started automatically when the configuration wizard is closed and the field “SSL Certificate Thumbprint” is empty.

If this dialog is answered with “Yes” the wizard asks for a password with which the created certificate will be secured:

After the certificate has been created it is automatically registered as FireStart SSL certificate. The public and private key are placed into the install directory.

To enable users to use the Process Portal without security warnings the client computer has to trust the certificate. Furthermore (and migth me more important): without a valid certificate (from a trusted authority or by adding a self-sighned certificate to the trusted authorities), the RemoteEventReceiver will not receive notifications from Sharepoint. More information on adding certificates to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store for a local computer can be found at

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