As shown in the following figure FireStart consists of multiple components:

FireStart Server

Purely for modeling with data access on a SQL database, as well as on the Active Directory.

  • Workflow Engine
    For the workflow execution, activities can be loaded and executed in workflows.

  • Task Deployment
    For the distribution of tasks of different portals, currently Exchange and SharePoint.

  • Data Connection
    With various adapters (SharePoint, OleDb, ODBC, CRM,...) for the data exchange with third-party systems, as well as event handling if the third-party systems support events.
Please see FireStart Core Components for a more detailed description of these components.

FireStart IdentityServer

FireStart IdentityServer is a .net Core Application which is hosted in IIS and based on the open source IdentityServer project. It handles user logins and searches for users and groups used in FireStart. 

Currently, there are three authentication and corresponding search providers available. 



In case of SharePoint as a third-party system, only the Sync Adapter reads and writes data between the SharePoint and the FireStart Server.

In the case of SharePoint, it is necessary, that the Sync Adapter is installed on every SharePoint frontend server!

On the one hand to enable access through the SharePoint API, on the other hand, to pass events from SharePoint to the FireStart Server.

One exception is the SharePoint Online adapter. It does not need a Sync Adapter and connects directly through the client object model to the SharePoint.

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